CSCS Alliance brings together 38 card schemes

Thursday, November 3, 2022 03:44 PM

A new alliance bringing together 38 different card schemes under the Construction Skills Certification Scheme (CSCS) banner has officially launched.

The CSCS Alliance, formed in 2020, brings together the 38 different card schemes under the same banner to deliver a common standard under a CSCS licence.

A CSCS card (either physical or digital) provides proof that individuals working on construction sites have the appropriate training and qualifications for the job they do on site.

The CSCS Alliance exists to act as a collective voice and adviser on matters relating to personnel registration and the verification of skills, training, and qualifications.

In 2021, Alliance members came together to tackle the issue of T-level students (requiring extended periods of work placement) unable to gain access to site as an appropriate CSCS card was not available.

Placement cards and Smart Check app

Following a consultation, the Alliance introduced the Industry Placement card to provide T-Level learners with site access.

In April this year, working with the Construction Leadership Council, the Alliance launched the CSCS Smart Check app. For the first time, all 2.1 million cards displaying the CSCS logo can be verified using a single app.

The CSCS Smart Check app is a response to the findings of the Dame Judith Hackitt Review. The CSCS Alliance said it ensures people are suitably qualified, and have the right training and experience for their role on site.

Sites of all sizes can access the information on the cards to improve building quality and safety. Over the coming months, the Alliance will be issuing further updates on future developments for the app.

Jay Parmar, chair of the Alliance, said: “Cards displaying the CSCS logo operate with nationally recognised qualifications in place for all occupations and provide assurance that over 2.1 million construction workers are qualified for the job they do on site. By ensuring the workforce are appropriately qualified the CSCS Alliance is playing its part in raising standards and safety on UK construction sites.”

He added: “The Alliance has a critical role to play in ensuring that principles which underpin the Building Safety Act and concepts such as the golden thread, greater collaboration, improved visibility and sharing best practice are achieved throughout all processes, including verifying the training and qualifications of individuals.

“Industry-defined requirements for fire safety training and the introduction of continuing professional development will also need to be displayed on CSCS cards and validated at the site.”

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