Meet Chris Wells - SKILLcard’s first Industry Placement Card Holder

Tuesday, August 16, 2022 12:49 PM

Chris Wells, a Placement Mechanical Engineer at Waldeck has become the first ever SKILLcard Industry Placement card holder, which he obtained to support his one-year work placement.

Chris talks about his placement so far, why he would recommend a placement year at Waldeck to other students and how his Heating Engineering and Ventilation Industry Placement SKILLcard has set him on the right pathway for a career in the building engineering services industry


Hi Chris! Tell us a bit more about what you are studying?


I am studying general engineering with a mechanical specialism at the University of Sheffield. This means the first two years of my degree gave me an exposure to a range of engineering disciplines, whilst last year and when I return for final year after this placement, my degree solely comprises of mechanical engineering modules alongside my final year project.


What made you decide to choose Waldeck for your placement?


As a student from an interdisciplinary degree, I was really attracted to the fact that the mechanical and electrical engineers work so close and collaboratively. My specialism in mechanical and the location of the M&E team in Sheffield seemed like the perfect opportunity. Looking through past projects on the Waldeck website I was excited at the prospect of being involved in similar work should I join and so was delighted when the teams Director, Adam Machan, offered me the position.


What do you get up to in your role?


As a Placement Mechanical Engineer, I assist Senior Engineers in the team, completing mechanical calculations and designing the services. So far, I’ve been involved in a range of services’ design - natural gas, heating and cooling, and ventilation as well as some of the electrical services.


What has been your favourite part so far?


From day one, I feel like I’ve been involved in work that has direct real-world consequences which is an exciting change from work completed for degree and as such, I’ve really enjoyed getting involved in work from the beginning. The M&E team have been very friendly and helpful in getting me involved in a wide range of tasks and feeling like a valued member of the team.


What has been the hardest part so far?


Adjusting to having a regular work routine after three years of being a student and the disruption caused by the pandemic. Having the structure has been refreshing and hopefully something I can keep up next year with my studies.


What projects have you been working on?


I completed work for the electrical services involved in the HMP Liverpool refurbishment job when I joined. Since then, I’ve mainly been involved in the mechanical services designing for various school projects we have on the go. Currently, I am working on heating and cooling design for our Laurence Calvert school job.


Would you recommend a placement and an Industry Placement SKILLcard to other students? If so, why?


Definitely. I am really enjoying my placement so far and I would strongly recommend Waldeck as a placement host. Applying for my Heating Engineering and Ventilation Industry Placement SKILLcard was a simple process and the SKILLcard team were really helpful.

The Waldeck team are friendly, approachable, and knowledgeable and I feel like I’m learning a lot whilst still having a meaningful contribution to the work the team produces

Being able to see some concepts I’ve learnt at university in a job-related setting has helped those skills develop further and the placement has also helped my ability to work in a professional manner and be more conscious of my professional development. I think for other students gaining this experience is invaluable and if you have the chance, it’s definitely worth going for it.

Find out more about SKILLcard's Industry Placement card here.

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